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Belabor the Trolls! Sale!

Labor day is upon us and we are hard at work as always (just check the picture below) so its a great time to once again "PLUNDER THE DENS". Join the mayehm of this SITE WIDE SALE with COUPONS!


From now until the end of later, save 20 - 50% off items in the Troll Lord Store. But there's MORE. If you spend $50.00, you can get an additional 10% off of your total purchase by using the COUPON CODE: BELABORSALE10. If you spend $100.00, you can get an additional 25% off your total purchase by using the COUPON CODE: BELABORSALE25!



New Release!

Walls of stone block the road and the winter upon the open plains carries dangers beyond the biting cold. But more than stone and frost, the end promises fire without comfort. Designed in 3 parts Giant's Rapture offers overland travel, dungeon, and intrigue and pits the character's wits against the open road and one another. Get it NOW at 10% OFF cover Price! Follow this link to buy the print or PDF through RPGnow and Drivethru. Giant's Rapture

Giant's Rapture

Rune Magic

Gencon 2013 is at last over! We hoisted the last of the back-drop uprights into the ceiling where they must hang until the next big convention, Troll Con if the mood strikes us. And now begins the post-show fun. All those books that we released at Gencon this year will get the same treatment here; we'll be rolling them out as we get the bulk printings done.

We've already released the first Gencon release. A12 The Paladin's Lament is available in print and pdf. This adventure wraps up the long running A series modules and brings the adventurer to the very gates of mighty Aufstrag. Its well worth the wait we think, pitting one against all manner of nefarious traps and beasts.

But far more exciting was the show's big release: Rune Lore. Out at last, Rune Lore brings so much more to the Crusader's table. For the first time since the game's release in 2004 we've revealed a whole new direction for characters to take. The Rune Mark is a class in and of itself, not a prestige class or an add on, but one that allows the player a new and exciting range of possibilities. With the Mark, you master the Codex of the Initiate, and once done you are a master of the very secretive rune magic. Rune Lore is well worth checking out! It was our hottest seller at Gencon and continues to dominate the PDF stores as well. Get yours in hardback today!

The Paladins Lament



Take the Ward!

We are happy to announce the release of James M. Ward's serial adventure Beneath the Dome. Parts one, two and three are available for individual sale. Or you can buy the subscription to all four and save!

Beneath the Dome